Join my circle on Google+.

I’ve got a circle going there for readers and writers. Click here to follow me.

If you still need a G+ invite, I can probably hook you up. (Just follow the link and click the button to email me.) If you’re unfamiliar with Google Plus, here’s a useful quick-start guide.

Why I’m Obsessed With Google Plus.

I don’t have to water myself down. G+ makes it easy to target who can see my posts. For instance, sometimes I just want to blow off steam and I only want a few close friends to see what I post. Other times, I’d like to share something connected to politics or an obscure interest that 90% of the people I know on Facebook either don’t want to see or would be offended by. Technically, yes, you can do this with Facebook, but the interface isnt user-friendly and, frankly, I don’t trust it to work.

G+ makes it easy to meet new people who share my interests. I’ve personally never had much luck with that on either Facebook or Twitter.


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