I run fast, barely
visible along the edge
of a summer sun.


Red poison lava
hidden in a luminous
pearl. I’m a bright star.


Men stood on the moon
abashed at the sight of
home, so far away.


Rust colored dust
fills my skies. Some disaster
choked me to death.


Our number is not
known. Like crows, we are dark. Most
of us have no names.


I suck my lovers
into my boiling presence.
Their demise burns me.


I am known as male
but my jeweled ring is
female. I’m neither.


Unknown attackers
swept me over, and all of
my moons fell down, too.


You haven’t seen blue
like my depths. Out here,
it is so quiet.


I hoard gold. I clench
my boatman, my knife on his
dead throat. We are lost.

This post is part of the Haiku Bombers project.


11 thoughts on “haiku: PLANETARY HAIKU

  1. I love these! Especially that you didn’t miss out Pluto; I still consider it a planet and feel very sorry for it just being abandoned. I think my favourite is the asteroids one…

      • Thanks guys! ASTEROIDS is probably my overall favorite, too. I still consider Pluto a planet, too, Laura. I wonder if it’s a generational thing. Hopefully the next generation will not grow up Pluto-less. You can’t exclude the god of death — the symbolism gets all screwed up.

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