About A.M. Murphy

• I don’t know what other people do with their empty brain space (or “spare clock cycles,” as my husband used to call his free time), but I use mine to think up stories. Often, this has been pleasantly compulsive.

• I live in the hometown of Jack Kerouac, whom I consider to be a Gnostic saint. Lowell, MA is an old New England mill town but you can feel Kerouac’s transcendent vibe in the air. There is a wonderful memorial to him downtown, with excerpts of his poetry engraved in black stone.

• I maintain a Tumblr called the church of what’s happening now. It’s a scrapbook of imagery with a few quotations thrown in. I don’t own anything there, except what I’ve clearly marked as my own. I try to credit others where possible.

• I’m on Twitter as @memoryawake. I go through phases where I am heavily active there, punctuated by long, inadvertent silences.

• My secondary account is @theplacebelow, which is an ongoing novel that I am writing live on Twitter. That’s updated frequently and archived here for easier reading. I got the idea to write a novel on Twitter because I have a young baby at home, which makes it difficult to write during the day unless it’s something short, like a tweet.


3 thoughts on “About A.M. Murphy

  1. Hi,

    Nice to meet you. Lovely ‘about’ space. Nice to live in the town from which Kerouac sprang. And nice to know that your words my one day be engraved in stone.



    P.S. I love you header picture. is that a Bosch?

  2. Hi Doug,

    Nice to meet you too. Yes, that’s a Bosch. I am bowled over by that artist’s particular vision.

    Thanks for digging deeper into my site. It is indeed neat to live where Kerouac did — though, judging from On The Road, he was in a big hurry to get out of here as well. But I try to look at the positive side.

    Kerouac’s birthday is coming up this month, and I plan to drop by his gravesite for the occasion.


    • Dear A.M.

      Sorry about the typo in my second sentence. (Makes me crazy, Feel free to fix it if you like.) Do you happen to know which Bosch painting that picture is from? Please tell Jack hello for me.



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