Today NPR’s ↬On The Media featured a new movement called ᔥThe Curator’s Code. The Curator’s Code is an elegant method for giving sources proper credit when you blog about them, and you get to use those cool little squiggles. No downside.


what i’ve learned so far from writing a novel live on twitter. if anything.

“If there was a better way to go, then it would find me.” -Fiona Apple

I started writing a novel on Twitter because I have a young baby at home and it’s hard to find time to officially “write.” But I noticed that I have time to sit in the nursery and play with him and send text messages to my friends. So if I have time to text, I have time to tweet, and if I have time to tweet, I could be writing a novel on Twitter. Voila, The Place Below was born.

And like so many artistic works, The Place Below was born with problems. None of them are insurmountable, exactly, but each new story is a learning experience. (If viewed through the proper cardboard tube, everything is a potential learning experience.)

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Baby comeback.

So, I had a baby.

He was born prematurely and all he did at first was sleep a lot. That afforded me ample time to do things like update blogs. Then, right around the original time of his due date, he woke up.

While caring for him in the early months, I found plenty of time to read (it’s easy to find time to read) and little pockets of time in which to grind furiously on my novel-in-progress (though Word to the Wise: writing probably shouldn’t feel like furious grinding), but not much else. Now he’s seven months along and I have a little bit more time, so maybe I can return to semi-regular or even regular blogging. And maybe even tweeting, which seems like it shouldn’t take too much time, but somehow does.