painting: ZOA


painting: ZOA

“There are States in which all Visionary Men are accounted Mad.” -William Blake



Eigenface. Via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We live in a weird world now. Or so it seems to someone like me, who grew up analog.

I long ago lost my old companions: books, paper, ink. I’d assumed we’d be together for a lifetime. Now I’m trapped — and you do get trapped — in a more stimulating, immersive digital world. The change still gives me cognitive dissonance. I’m a bit afraid of the day when it doesn’t give me cognitive dissonance. Will that mean that I’ve lost some essential part of myself and I won’t be able to get it back?

ᔥ The New Aesthetic has become the new normal. You don’t even think about it until the weirdness of it is framed for you. Art!

↬ Renegade Futurist.


I feed on visual imagery, so Tumblr is a never-ending smorgasbord for me. The other night, I discovered a wildly talented photographer named Billy Kidd. He mostly does fashion work, so he shoots a lot of waifish young women, but it’s clear that Kidd is trying to do something different with familiar material.

The women he shoots — girls, really, judging by the apparent age of most of them — are not used like dolls. While their bodies may resemble Mapplethorpe-esque sculptures of form and negative space, their faces revolt. They grimace, sneer, roll their eyes and flip the bird. Some of his models let the camera in and photography becomes portraiture.

Either way, Kidd’s work gives the impression that the models are in control. He seems to  snap the pictures and let the women be who they are. For fashion photography, this is refreshing.

When I appreciate artwork, I try to remember to ask myself what I can learn from it as a writer. Often, there’s no direct lesson that can be put into words but, with Kidd, I’m reminded of the importance of letting the subject of your work talk to you, even if you think your mission is to tell the world what you think.

Billy Kidd has a Kickstarter project up right now. It’s the first Kickstarter project that I’ve ever contributed to and I’m rather excited to be involved.