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We live in a weird world now. Or so it seems to someone like me, who grew up analog.

I long ago lost my old companions: books, paper, ink. I’d assumed we’d be together for a lifetime. Now I’m trapped — and you do get trapped — in a more stimulating, immersive digital world. The change still gives me cognitive dissonance. I’m a bit afraid of the day when it doesn’t give me cognitive dissonance. Will that mean that I’ve lost some essential part of myself and I won’t be able to get it back?

ᔥ The New Aesthetic has become the new normal. You don’t even think about it until the weirdness of it is framed for you. Art!

↬ Renegade Futurist.


Check out The Octavia Butler Book Club.

It’s a whole year of reading. Book club membership requires nothing but you reading the books – you don’t have to follow our order, but this shows the shape of the conversation.

I am late getting on board with this, but I’ll be participating starting next month with Octavia Butler’s Mind of My Mind. I invite you to join me.